Our Mission Statement: The Athens Human Rights Festival is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit, grassroots organization dedicated to providing a public forum for free speech, the exchange of information, street theater, children's activities, and music promoting equality and justice, peace and good will.

Get Involved!  The Athens Human Rights Festival  holds its weekly meetings every Wednesday at Nuci's Space - 396 Oconee St. Athens, GA at 7 P.M. (Every third Wednesday of the month is at 7:30PM). Please park across the street at the UGA parking lot, NOT at Nuci's Space.


Athens Human Rights Festival

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Together, we can make a difference

AHRF Schedule for Saturday May 6, 2017

10:00 AM-12:20 PM  Children & Youth Program

10:00-11:00            Wooten Woopets & Montessori School Chorus & Ukulele Club

11:00-11:10            Warren McPherson-Director of Athens Montessori School

11:10-11:20             John Knox-Education

11:20-12:20             The New Guard with Caroline Aiken             

12:20-12:40             Festival Welcome/Dancing Flowers for Peace                  

12:40-1:10               Music            Benjamin Simpson

1:10-1:25                 Speakers      Georgia Climate Change Coalition

                                                         Vashaun Jones-Cultural Activist for Blind Georgians

1:25-1:55                 Music           Squalls

1:55-2:10                 Speaker        Sherri Tanner    Project Safe

                                                         Shannon Martinez   Former White Supremacist

2:10-2:40                 Music            Adam Payne           

2:40-3:00                 Speakers      Tyrone Brooks-Moore’s Ford Movement

                                                         Dr Steele- National President SCLC

3:00-3:40                 Music             Fat Arm Daddy

3:40-4:00                 Speaker         Athens 4 Everyone (A4E)/Athens Immigration

                                                         Rights Coalition (AIRC)

4:00-4:40                 Music             Athens Cowboy Choir

4:40-4:55                 Speakers       Michelle Sanchez-Executive VP at Young Democrats

4:55-5:25                 Music-           Mr. Jordan & Mr.Tonks

5:25-5:40                 Speakers      Warren McPherson

5:40-6:20                 Music-           Mister Tie Dye

6:20-6:35                 Speaker        Rob Wood - Georgia Equality   

6:35-7:30                 Music-           Timi and Wonderland Rangers

7:30-7:45                 Speaker        Ted Terry - Mayor of Clarkston Ga.

7:45-8:45                 Music-           Klezmer  Local 42

8:45-9:00                 Speaker        Hip Hop Activist Ricky Simone

9:00-10:00               Music            Diva Experience

10:00-10:15            Speaker        Live Athens           

10:15 -  Closing      Music            Universal Sigh 

AHRF Schedule for Sunday May 7, 2017

1:00- 4:45                AIRC, Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement (AADM), A4E

4:45   - 5:15             Music            Jefferson Shuttlecraft

5:15 -   5:30             Speaker        Millard Farmer-Activist Attorney

                                                        Chad Clay-Immigration

5:30   - 6:00             Music            The Norm

6:00   - 6:15             Speakers      Dawn Johnson-Indivisible Athens

6:15   - 7:00             Music            Reverend Conner Tribble          

7:00   - 7:15             Speaker        Open mike/Quinn-Green Party

7:15   - 8:00             Music            Dirty Doors

8:00   - 8:15             Speakers      Open mike

8:15   - 9:15             Music            Caroline Aiken and CATCH A C.A.B.

9:15   - 9:30             Speaker        Ed Tant-Columnist for the Athens Banner Herald 

9:30   - closing        Music            Working Class Heroes                 

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39th Annual Athens Human Rights Festival

Saturday & Sunday-May 6th and 7th, 2017