AHRF Schedule, Saturday May 5, 2018

Children & Youth Program: 10:00 AM-1:00 PM

10:00-11:00            Wooten Woopets & Montessori School Chorus & Ukulele Club

11:00-11:10            Speaker

11:10-12:10            Caroline Aiken’s New Guard

12:10-12:20            Speaker

12:20-1:00               Athens Anti-Discrimination Teen Social Justice Hour

1:00-1:30                 Festival Welcome followed by Sara Zuniga

1:30-1:45                 Speakers      Dignidad Inmigrante en Athens

1:45-2:15                 Music            Pussy Willows

2:15-2:30                 Speaker        Indivisible Georgia District 10/Georgia Conflict Center

2:30-3:10                 Music            Misnomer (Mister Tie Dye)

3:10-3:30                 Speaker        Tyrone Brooks/Moore’s Ford Movement 365

3:30-4:00                 Music            Full Moon School of Music Varsity Band

4:00-4:15                 Speakers      Attorney Millard Farmer/Richard Winfield

                                                          District 10 Congressional Candidate 

4:15-4:45                 Music            Joe Leone-Gypsy at Heart

4:45-5:00                 Speakers      Athens for Everyone (A4E)

5:00-5:40                 Music            United Group of Artists Presents:

                                                           “La Tamko Collective”

5:40-5:50                 Speakers      A4E

5:50-6:20                 Music            Dog Politics

6:20-6:35                 Speaker        Ian Altman Undocumented Students

6:35-7:20                 Music            Michael Guthrie

7:30-7:45                 Speaker        Georgia Equality/ACLU of Georgia

7:45-8:45                 Music            Timi & the Wonderland Rangers

8:45-9:00                 Speaker        Athens Pride

9:00-10:00               Music           Diva Experience

10:00-10:15            Speaker        Diva Experience

10:15-Closing         Music           Hobohemians & Athens Swing Night Dancers​​

AHRF Schedule, Sunday May 6, 2018

1:00-2:00                 Music & Speakers, Athens Immigrant Rights Coalition

2:00-2:40                 Music            Repent at Leisure

2:40-3:15                 Speakers      Gun Violence Prevention

                                                          Nancy Hernandez, National Alliance on Mental Health

                                                          Sherri Tanner, Project Safe

                                                          Clarke Central HS Students

                                                          Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement

                                                          Teen Social Justice Program

3:15-3:45                 Music             Jefferson Shuttlecraft

3:45-4:15                 Speakers      Athens for Everyone

4:15-5:00                 Music            Athens Cowboy Choir

5:00-5:15                 Speakers      Indivisible Georgia, District 10

                                                          Eugene Wilkes:  “Dr. Frankenstein’s Darling”

5:15-5:45                 Music             Reverend Conner Tribble

5:45-6:00                 Speakers      Citizen Climate Lobby/Georgia Climate Change Coalition

6:00-7:00                 Music             Mr. Jordan and Mr.Tonks

7:00-7:15                 Speakers       Open Mike

7:15-8:15                 Music             Klezmer Local 42

8:15-8:45                 Speaker         Ed Tant, Columnist, Athens Banner Herald

8:45-10:30               Music             Universal Sigh

10:30                         Festival Closing