Committee Members

Committee members attend weekly meetings, held from the beginning of January through the end of the festival in late April or early May, and are actively involved in the  planning and decision making processes. In addition, committee members contribute ideas and suggestions that help keep the festival vital and current. Anyone wishing to participate in this committee is welcome! Come to a meeting and lend a hand wherever you choose to or make a few, new suggestions!

Logo Submissions

Each year the festival has a new logo. Logo submissions are evaluated by the festival committee, which chooses the one that will be used that year. The logo appears on the t-shirts, the newspaper, and the stage backdrop. Artists chosen for their logo are expected to make (or assist in the making of) the backdrop. All expenses associated with the backdrop are paid for by the festival. Logo submissions must be easily graphically reproduced and must say “40th Annual Human Rights Festival” along with the appropriate dates.

 Please submit your ideas this years festival to: for a chance to represent the Fest in 2019! **Deadline  for art work is March 30th 2019 

Good Luck! Your creation will become part of an Athens tradition.

Fund Raising

Our non-profit festival raises funds through a number of different ways:

- Concerts: Various bands contribute their time for numerous concerts throughout the year. Please come and make a donation or ask how you can help!

- Newspaper Ads: Each year the festival publishes a newspaper. The newspaper features articles and information about the speakers and the performers. It also includes the schedule for the weekend. We raise money by asking local businesses to purchase advertisements. Please contact for information on sizes and costs if you wish to purchase an ad.

- T-Shirt Sales: We have tie-dyed and solid colored all-cotton, American made t-shirts for sale each year during the Festival, displaying the logo for that year, along with other artwork and a list of speakers and performers. These are collectors' items that many people buy each year to support the Fest and look sharp!

- Donations: We are a 501c3 non-profit, so all donations are tax deductible! Just send a check to: "Athens Human Rights Festival" PO Box 453 Athens, GA 30601  or come to the Festival and drop something in our donations jugs!

Speakers and Tables

Each year the festival welcomes and invites local non-profit organizations and activists to speak and/or set up information tables on the square. Speakers may be put on the schedule, or may sign up during open mic. Tablers will need to bring their own tables, and may choose their locations on a first-come/first-get basis both days of the festival. There is no sign-up process for a table spot. We respectfully request that only non-profits or grass roots organizations set up tables on the square, and vendors are generally prohibited. Please contact us at to request a speaking slot.

Event Help

Those of you who would like to help out during the festival weekend, may help in a variety of ways. The stage needs setting up and disassembling on Friday before the Fest (approximately 6 PM until 2 AM, meet on the square) and Sunday nights immediately after the festival, (approximately 10 PM until finished), respectively. There is also help needed during the weekend in the children’s area, selling t-shirts, or being a runner. You can sign up at the t-shirt booth for as little as two hours, or as long as both days. Organizations and individuals are welcome and encouraged to volunteer during the festival weekend.


Athens Human Rights Festival